Worked with AMI Metals to improve on process and documentation. This is a report downloaded daily for order fulfillment. The spreadsheet starts a column A and ends at column CJ. That's a lot of information, in fact more than is needed to match similar orders together. I created a set of macros that inserts two columns at the beginning for noting routing numbers and general notes. Another macro hides all of the unnecessary columns. When you click the image below you can see how the report looks after applying the macros.
These are my notes while creating the macros. All of the commands would not run under a single macro, so I broke it down into four macros that are run consecutively to create the spreadsheet above. Click the image to see the full set of notes.
Originally a full page document, I took the daily order entry checklist and made it short and simple. Since this is suppose to be placed near the monitor the smaller size made it easier for staff members to just tape it to the monitor. The numbers on the left correspond to system input.
Created a simple document for Order Statuses rather than employees having to look it up in the system.
Created a paperless system for downloading and processing orders using Adobe Acrobat. (Working out the kinks to get it uploaded, should be available early next week.)
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