Photography (amateur)
This is a thumbnail grid of some of my favorites.  Scroll down to view most of the pictures as a short video.

UT Longhorn knitted blanket. My own design. Plotted using an excel spreadsheet and a longhorn image. Created the pattern from the spreadsheet. Knitted in a seed stitch with orange and a stockinette stitch for the longhorn. Made for a friend's son leaving for college at UT.
Baby receiving blanket/bag. Made for my granddaughter. Simple stocking stitch with a ribbed, fold top.
Phone case with carrying strap. I designed this case and strap by measuring the size needed and adjusting for a bit of additional space for a larger phone. The case is made in a seed stitch and the strap is an icord attached to the case. 
Phone case with draw strings. Knitted case in seed stitch. Crocheted drawstrings and wove through the top of the phone case. 
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