Note:  These sites are under the same domain.  It has been hacked.  I'm working on getting them both fixed. 
This is a site I designed and built in 2001.  At the time, mobile wasn't a big consideration; however, I wanted the site to render appropriately with any screen resolution, hence the Elastic Design.  This site still works today on all platforms (with the exception of the 25 year pictures which was built in a program rather than coded like the rest of the site).  The coding has not been updated, other than minor additions, since it was built.  Feel free to view it on any device. 
There is another site I designed and built prior to the site above (1999-2000).  I am having issues with the domain; it has been hacked.  As soon as it is straightened out, it will be added to this page.  It was also built using Elastic Design.  With both of these sites, I did the UX, and built both the front and back ends.
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